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Verankerung Fortschritt hat Zukunft - oder hängen Sie noch an der Kette??
The major part of SEAFLEX® is the reinforced homogeneous rubber hawser. According to tests monitored by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) a single  rubber hawser in SEAFLEX® can withstand a force of drag greater than 10 kN and more than a 100% elongation. The elongation enables SEAFLEX® to take care of all natural, and almost all artificial, water level fluctuations. Another special function with the SEAFLEX® hawser is that the restraining  forces increases during the elongation, following a progressive curve giving a optimal dampening effect. Each end of the rubber hawser is attached to  a high quality stainless steel fitting. The rubber hawser with its end fittings are used in single or multiple strands depending on the force that will be  induced in SEAFLEX®. The rubber cords are the attached to stainless steel plates which has special equipment depending on where it's going to be  used. 
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